How do I save videos that are on my IRIS to my MicroSD card

In order to use a MicroSD card with your IRIS, please ensure the card has been formatted in to exFAT format. A Class 10 UHS-III, read speed 100mb/s, write speed 60mb/s MicroSD card highly recommended.

Once you have downloaded videos to your IRIS from PVR.Fun you can copy them to your MicroSD card use the following steps:

  • Navigate to File Manager-->Main Storage-->Movies folder - you may need to scroll the screen down to find it.

  • Select the video you wish to move by holding the Confirm button for 2 seconds on your IRIS. An options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Select the 'Move' option.
  • Navigate back to File Manager-->SD Card, then select the 'Paste' option on the bottom of the screen.

  • If you see a message about granting File Manager access to data, select 'Allow' the select 'Paste' again

Voila! Your video has now been moved to your MicroSD card.

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