How do I do an offline update on my IRIS? (Windows)

Step 1. Download the firmware update file onto your PC from here:!AgjlI99QmyEDgapJMPhZEv9aMnX4jg?e=ECibDh

Step 2. Make sure you have a MicroSD card available that is either already formatted to Fat32 format or that can be formatted to Fat32 format. 

Step 3. If you need to reformat to Fat32 format and your MicroSD card is over a certain size, you may need to download a 3rd party program to format it to Fat32 eg. (direct download link for program -

Step 4. Once reformatted, create a folder called dload on your MicroSD card 

Step 5. Copy the downloaded firmware upgrade ZIP file to the dload folder (do not unzip the file!

Step 6. Insert the card into IRIS and power on. Navigate to Setting->System Update, click " Offline Update" ,  System will check and upgrade automatically. Make sure the battery of IRIS is more than 40% full or you can just leave USB power cable plugged during the upgrading..

Step 7. When the update is completed (about 5 minutes), system will restart automatically and you will have the latest version firmware in IRIS. Note: Please DO  NOT manually restart the device during updating.
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