How to convert non-PVR videos to a format you can view on your Iris using Windows

These are the instructions to follow if you wish to transcode your own VR videos in to a format that you can view on the Iris:

Step 1: Download our transcode tool - the Wonder Mini - to your computer from here

Step 2: Extract & open the Wonder Mini EXE file

Step 3: Click the 'Select a Video' button and navigate to the video you wish to convert to PVR format

Step 4:  Daydream, grab a cup of coffee or browse PVR.Fun for some new videos for a minute or two while the conversion takes place :)

Step 5: Copy the newly created video from your computer to the 'pvr' folder (create it if it doesn't exist) on your MicroSD card (formatted in to extFAT format and preferably a Class 10 UHS-III, read speed 100mb/s, write speed 60mb/s MicroSD card)

Step 6: Insert the MicroSD card with your freshly converted videos in to your Iris & enjoy your very own VR videos on your very own Iris!

For a PDF of these instructions, including screenshots click here.

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