How to convert non-PVR videos to a format you can view on your IRIS using a Mac

Please be aware that since the release of UI 3.0 it is no longer necessary to convert non-PVR videos to view on your IRIS. These instructions are provided here to give you the option to use the transcoder to create video files in the best possible format for the best quality viewing experience on your IRIS. Support for the Wonder Mini has been discontinued.

These are the instructions to follow if you wish to transcode your own VR videos in to a format that you can view on the IRIS:

Step 1: Download our transcode tool - the Wonder Mini - to your computer from here

Step 2: Extract the file to the Home directory. If you extract it to a different directory it will not function properly. 

Step 3: Open the Wonder Mini_Mac file. If you receive an 'unknown developer' notification, click OK, open your 'System Preferences' --> 'Security & Privacy' & under the 'General' tab select the bottom option under 'Allow Apps downloaded from:' which is 'App Store and identified developers'.

Step 4: Open the Wonder Mini_Mac file

Step 5: Click the 'Select a Video' button and navigate to the video you wish to convert to PVR format. Please note, the time it takes for a video to transcode is dependent on the hardware specs of the computer you're transcoding on

Step 6: Copy the newly created video from your computer to your MicroSD card (formatted in to extFAT format and preferable a Class 10 UHS-III, read speed 100mb/s, write speed 60mb/s MicroSD card)

Step 7: Insert the MicroSD card with your freshly converted videos in to your Iris & enjoy your very own VR videos on your very own IRIS!

For a PDF of these instructions, including screenshots click here.

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