How do I use the new User Interface included with the latest firmware upgrade on the IRIS?

With the release of our latest firmware we have launched a new & improved user interface - UI 3.0. You will notice some changes & additions to the way you can now use your IRIS.

Here is some information to help you get you familiarized with the new look & feel of UI 3.0:

Home Screen

When your IRIS first turns on you will now see a new home screen. At the top of this screen you will see a horizontal menu of four buttons. These buttons are for Account Info, Settings, WiFi & Bluetooth. You will also see an indicator of the remaining battery life of your IRIS.

From left to right:

  • Account Info
    • Select person icon to view 'Account Name', 'Balance', 'Device ID' & 'Binding Code'
  • Settings
    • Select cog icon to open settings menu
  • WiFi
    • Select WiFi icon to open WiFi settings
  • Bluetooth
    • Select Bluetooth icon to open Bluetooth settings

There is also a vertical menu on the right of the home screen. The items on the menu are the PVR app, the PornHub app, the File Manager & Applications.

  • PVR app - select to view & purchase videos from PVR.Fun
  • PornHub app - select to view 2D PornHub videos (VR functionality currently not available)
  • File manager - select to view files on both your MicroSD card & the internal memory of your IRIS
  • Applications - select for quick access menu to view & open apps installed on your IRIS
  • PVR app

    Open the PVR App by selecting the PVR icon from the vertical menu on the right of the home screen.

    Once the PVR app is open, on the left of view there are Categories. Click on a listed category to show videos in that category.

    In the center of view are videos available to purchase from www.PVR.Fun

    On the right of view is the 'My Library' section where you can access videos that are available for you to download and / or view. Click on the download icon next to a video title to open the PVR Downloader - where all of your PVR videos are downloaded and found.

    PVR Downloader

    When you select a video to download from the 'My Library' menu it will automatically open the PVR Downloader

    Here you can see: 

    • videos already downloaded to the internal storage of your IRIS
    • videos currently downloading to the internal storage of your IRIS

    You can sort your videos based on whether they are currently downloading or have completed downloading by selecting the corresponding option at the top of the screen.

    To remove a video from the internal memory of your IRIS simply select the red 'x' icon on the right of the video name. 

    To stop & remove a video from your download queue you can also select the red 'x' on the right of the video name.

    To pause a download, select the pause icon on the left of the video name. 

    To restart a download, select the download icon on the left of the video name.

    To watch a downloaded video select the play icon on the left of the video name.

    File Manager

    You can manage files on your IRIS easily using the File Manager. File Manager can be access via the 'Applications' menu on the Home Screen.

    This is especially handy to use when moving videos from the internal storage of your IRIS to a MicroSD card or viewing videos that are on your MicroSD card. You can also use the 'Remote' feature in File Manager to play shared videos across your network on your IRIS.

    To move videos from the internal storage of the IRIS to a MicroSD card:

    • Videos that are stored on the IRIS itself can be found in the File Manager by selecting 'Main Storage' then the 'Movies' folder - you may need to scroll the screen down to find it.

    • Select the video you wish to move by holding the 'home' (center) button down on your IRIS. An options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

    • Select the 'Move' option.
    • Navigate to your MicroSD card by clicking the 3 lines icon in the top right corner of the screen, selecting 'SD Card', then selecting the 'Paste' option on the bottom of the screen.

    • If you see a message about granting File Manager access to data, select 'Allow' the select 'Paste' again

    Voila! Your video has now been moved to your MicroSD card.

    To watch videos copied to or already stored on your MicroSD card:

    • Open the File Manager and navigate to your SD Card.

    • Select the video you want to watch
    • If the following screen appears, select PVR Player and then select 'ALWAYS'

    Voila! Your video will start playing.

    To play shared videos across your network on your IRIS:

    • First, make sure the folder you have your VR Videos stored in on your computer is shared across your network. If you're not sure how to do this we recommend you use your favorite search engine to search for instructions. Try searching for "how to share a folder across a network on Windows 10" or "how to share a folder across a network on OS X"
    • Select the 'Remote' option in File Manager

    • Select 'Add a remote location'

    • Select 'Local Network'

    • Enter in your login details and select 'OK. The username & password will be the same username & password that you usually use to login to your computer

    • Once logged in you will see the folders that you have shared on your computer. Select the folder your videos are in

    • To play a video, select it with the home button (center button on your IRIS)

    App store

    PVR makes 3rd party apps available for optional download on to your IRIS via our very own App store. We will be adding more apps to the store as we grow.

    To see what apps are currently available for you to use on your IRIS visit the app store by selecting the 'Discover more updated applications' banner on the left of view on the home screen.

    Please be aware that there is one key difference in the IRIS controls while you are using apps on the IRIS. Use the top button to go back within the app instead of using the bottom button. If you use the bottom button it will quit out of the app completely and take you back to the previous screen on your IRIS.

    If the app loads off-center within your view, you can press and hold the bottom button to re-center the view at any time.


    The PornHub app on your IRIS is for your 2D video viewing pleasure. VR Videos on PornHub are currently not compatible for viewing with the IRIS.


    Please be aware that fast forward & rewind & speak-to-search option are not currently functional on the IRIS. 


    Hulu (US Only)

    Nat Geo (US Only)





    Prime Video





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