What should I do when the online update stalls

Update stalls when your network is not fast or stable enough.

Solution 1: Try a factory reset (Settings-->  Advanced Settings-->  Factory reset) and try the online update again

Solution 2: Try the offline udpate.

Offline Update Steps:

1. Format a MicroSD card to FAT32, and create a new folder in it, folder name MUST be : dload
2. Download the update file to your PC from this link: 
When it is completed, copy the file into the dload folder of MicroSD card . Note: Please DO  NOT unzip the file!
3. Insert the card into IRIS and power on. Navigate to Setting ->System Update, click " Offline Update ". System will check and upgrade automatically. Make sure the battery of IRIS is more than 40% full or you can just leave USB power cable plugged during the upgrading.
4. When the update is completed (about 5 minutes), system will restart automatically and you will have the latest version firmware in IRIS. Note: Please DO  NOT manually restart the device during updating.
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