Do I need to convert videos to view them on my IRIS?

The short answer is no - you don't need to convert your videos to view them on the IRIS. The latest version of our firmware includes a player that will play almost all of your VR videos without need for conversion.

To view your downloaded VR videos put them in a folder named 'pvr' on your exFAT formatted MicroSD card, put the card in your IRIS & they can then be played on your IRIS from the File Manager app --> SD Card section.

You may have some older, high bitrate H.264 videos that need conversion for a better viewing experience. If you have some older videos you'd like to convert you have the option to try the Wonder Mini transcode tool. Instructions on how to do that can be found here: Windows / Mac

However, please be aware support for the Wonder Mini has been discontinued since the release of UI 3.0

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